A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Smash the plastic things wit' A and/or D for translating yer horizontal position in 2D space! Press the SPACE button to jump.

Julian the bored office slave has gotten 'nough of the boring people and lack of cake in the office! Run him through the office landscape and avoid business men ... YEAH!

When running into a business person, this business person will start to talk about business stuff, this will stress you out and you'll need an extra sip o' coffee.

Reach pink dude with flipped moustache/mouth as he seems funny or something.

Install instructions

One will need to install LÖVE from the www.love2d.org website, to run the game.


JulianQuest.love 29 kB
Julian's Quest.zip 3 MB


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This is deep, man.